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The Museum has over 600 books on history, art and politics of Cyprus. Also many collector items such as Drummon, Pococke, books in Latin, French and many out of print books, which are available for research. The Government of Cyprus has donated books and the Legal Society has also donated all the law books. The Cyprus Museum is a resource center with one of the best collections of books and periodicals in North America. Contains the most important American collection of materials on Cyprus since independence. 
The Cyprus museum Publications:

Erato Ioannou, Cyprus Engraved: Masterpieces from the Cyprus Museum Map Collection.

This magnificently illustrated book offers a unique insight in the history of the cartography of Cyprus. In total, 47 maps from the Cyprus Museum's collection were selected to feature in this book. These maps show Cyprus in different shapes and sizes as cartographic knowledge developed through the centuries. These works of art are also historical documents which depict Cyprus through its long diverse history.

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